Production methods and equipment

In the production department we use a traditional wave soldering lines, as well as SMD-technique, which is implemented by MyData My12-Hydra machine.

As a strength of our operations, which is gained by the experience over the years, is the ability to design and produce our products with a result that enables them to resist the difficulties of various circumstances (such as trembling and changes in humidity and temperature).

The basis of the company and the production department is the certificated ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 standards.

  • Electronics that are based on through-hole technique are handled on manual and wave soldering lines (two ERSA lines), one leaded and one lead-free (ROHS) line.
  • The SMD line includes a soldering station, Mydata 12 and a reflow oven.
  • Circuit cards will be computer tested.
  • A product and control centre assembly with a system testing will finish the product to the customer.
  • Maintenance and a life cycle support covering every modification required during the product’s life cycle