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Graphical TFT Display for Lifts

TFT35 is a graphical color TFT display designed especially for elevator applications. The content showed by the display can be fully customized. All files, such as background images, videos and floor marking images are stored on the memory card that comes with the display. Easy to use configuration application helps user to simulate display view on every floor and save content files to the memory card. Display can be connected to the elevator system by RS-485 and CAN interfaces. By default the VEBUS protocol is used over RS-485 interface, but any custom protocol can be implemented and used through these serial buses. For the parallel interface a special adapter card can be used to convert binary or gray code data to serial VEBUS protocol.

Key features

• 3.5” TFT screen with QVGA (320x240) resolution and LED backlight
• RS-485 and CAN interfaces
• Can be installed either to the car or to a level
• Can be configured to operate in landscape or portrait mode
• Virtually unlimited number of floors (only limited by the customers protocol)
• Fully customizable content
• Fonts and arrows can be any size, shape and color
• Two operation modes: playlist mode and normal (manual) mode
• Selectable background images (JPEG) for every floor in normal mode
• In playlist mode background images and videos are showed independently of the floor
• As option user can install plug and play sound card which makes it possible to playback sound of the videos and announcements 
• Selectable floor marking images (BMP or PNG) for every floor
• Animated arrows
• Arrow images (BMP or PNG) and scrolling speed are selectable
• Device comes with FAT formatted microSD memory card (up to 2GB)
• The amount of images and videos is limited only by the size of the memory card
• The length of the video (AVI) is also limited only by the size of the memory card
• All images, videos and configuration file are stored on the memory card 
• User can create configuration file manually with any text editor or automatically with easy to use configuration application
• No need for direct PC connection
• Device can be fully reconfigured simply by changing memory card

Display module specifications

• Size: 3.5 inch
• Type: TFT
• Resolution (pixels): 320 x 240
• Active area (mm): 70 x 53
• Horizontal viewing angle: 120° 
• Vertical viewing angle: 110°
• Contrast ratio: >250
• Backlight: white LEDs

Size and environment

• Physical dimensions (mm): 125 x 73
• Operation environment:
• Temperature: 0…70 °C
• Dry environment, RH: <85% (no condensation)
• Not to be used in wet, moist or dusty environment

Electrical characters

• Operation voltage range: 12...24 VDC regulated
• Current comsuption@ 24 VDC: ~75mA
• Backup battery input
• Luoderspeaker impedance: 8...32 ohm