Led Light for Canopies


Smart Led lights for Petrol Stations

Usage and benefits

For many years Tam-Tele Oy has manufactured different led-technologies, and now that technology has become very competitive compared to traditional lighting technology.

The new PIKOLIT led lights for petrol stations advantages are:

  • Energy saving efficient solution by reducing the light power compared to real need - up to 80% & Latest led technology with best available lumen / power ratio.
  • Minimal need for maintenance and easy upkeep - no need to change the lamps, Long lifetime technology was designed to serve over 30 year's operation time.
  • Reliability - designed to work in demanding environment.
  • Cost efficient - Most cost efficient choice over long lifetime concerning investment, operational and maintenance costs
  • Quality - leds from Philips, certified drivers.
  • Long lifetime -Typically 100 000h with only 10% of lumen Depreciation.
  • A 5 years guarantee.
  • Does not get dirty - the light from the fixtures doesn't attract insects, and insects don't get burned to the light fixture.
  • Easy installation - simple electrical connection, and the ceiling. Light fixtures come with an installation cable that makes installation work safe.
  • PIKOLIT Led fixture will cover the hole of old fixture.
  • Customable; color and size of front plate.
  • All fixtures including lights on side of canopy can be smart Controlled.
  • Possibility to control via internet and possibility to monitor all petrol stations in a group.
  • Possibility to add additional twilight sensors.
  • Possibility to control light fixtures in several groups in one canopy -> only part or all of fixtures are activated.
  • Operating temperature from -40oC to +50oC.
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland with high quality and reliable components.
Operating voltage230VACI50Hz, protection class I
Input powerMax 53WMax 110WMax 145 W
Useful quantity of light0,1150 - 4800 lm0,1800 - 9600 lm0,2500 - 12800 lm
Color temperature of light4100 K. Customer-specific color temperatures possible, with limitations from the LED manufacturer.
EncapsulationIP44 (Led IP65)
Operating temperature-40 +50 C
Measurements, w x l x h590 x 390 x 80 mm
MaterialsMetalwork painted aluminum and stainless steel
ColourStandard color is white, other colors possible
FasteningScrew fastening to roof material
Connection5x2,5mm2 -o-
LED lumen maintenanceCompensated

PIKOLIT Smart Lighting System

Pikolit smart system provides solutions to all outdoor lighting needs for petrol stations. Canopy lighting has been especially popular, and it is available as smart versions.

The smart lighting system adapts the quantity of light according to the environment, weather and surrounding illumination; e.g. during rainy fall season more light is needed than during white winter season.

The smart system also recognizes people and cars moving at the area, and adjusts lighting levels accordingly. When no one is present at the area, the lighting is at a low level. When a person or car arrives to the area, the lighting increases to higher level. Customer can determine the low and high levels, as well as the rate and duration of the change from one level to another.

PIKOLIT Smart dimming

Example: The smart system work in 6 method at petrol station canopy lighting.

  1. Customer arrives at the area, sensors detect movement. The lighting level increases from low level(40%) to higher level (90%) in 30 second ramp-up.
  2. The light fixtures have reached the high level.
  3. Customer leaves the area. The light fixtures stay at the high level for 2 more minutes.
  4. 2 minutes after last time motion is detected, the light fixtures start slowly to descend back to low level.
  5. The light fixtures have reached the low level after 2 minute ramp-down.