Price LED displays

Usage and benefits

For many years, Tam-Tele Oy has manufactured different types of price and information displays by using LED technology. The technology in question has currently become very competitive when compared to the technology used in traditional illuminated signs. The brightness of LEDs has grown at least to the level of the common illuminated displays, and, in addition, the operating time is manifold. Usually signs are located in places where maintenance is challenging, and consequently quite expensive. Thus, due to the minor need of upkeep, using LED signs is very tempting alternative when choosing the technology for displays.

Tam-Tele is a remarkable manufacturer of various kinds of LED displays, which are often used as price displays at service stations. Since the fuel prices vary frequently, it is vitally important to get updated information for the customers without any unnecessary changes. When using LED displays, one can change the price information quickly and centrally through a telecommunication network.

Company nameplates, advertisements, or billboards are also easy to implement when utilizing LED technique. They can be either static, or added with different flash and scroll effects.

The displays' light sources are super bright LED lamps, which are very long lasting and less electricity consuming than the ordinary fluorescent lamps. They come in different colours (see the technical data), and are well visible in daytime. The LED displays are easily controlled, thereby changing the numbers or texts delivering the actual message could be carried out quite smoothly. Given the facts mentioned above, The LED technique is fairly economical choice as well.

Technical information

External measurements

The delivered displays have been constructed of various heights (see the list below), which can be tailored according the customers' wants and needs. If the old price pylons are used, the height of a display can be designed and measured in order to fit in them.

Neste* (Finland): 185-320 mm
ABC ( Finland): 600 mm
Hydro Texaco** ( Denmark): 400 mm
Din-X (Sweden)

* The biggest oil company in Finland
** The biggest oil company in Denmark

Operating voltage:24 Vdc
Power consumption:300 mA/digit
Controlling:synchronized serial traffic
Light source:super bright LED lamps
Brightness:over 2000 mCd
LED colours:yellow, red, orange and green
Viewing angle:30°-70°
Brightness adjustment:Automatic, well visible in daylight
LEDs' durability:10 years
Power supply:220/24 Vac, 300 VA
Operating temperature:from -40°C to +55°C

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