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Your machine can do better than you are perhaps aware of

Versatility and automation have become central features in the competitive market of working machines and production equipment. The number of functions increase constantly and that places such demands on the management and control systems of machines. The only way to meet the challenge is with electronics and information technology.

Tam-Tele Oy designs and manufactures electronics for the metal and electric industry. Our special field of experience is electronics for measuring, controlling and monitoring the hydraulic fuctions of operating devices in working machines.

True expertise is only created through specializing and concentrating on one's strenghts. At Tam-Tele Oy, we feel at home in situations where electronics require exceptional precision and reliability of operating in high-stress enviroments.

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Taking full advantage of engineering innovations presuppoes seamless bonding of mechanics and electronics. Modern control systems have no place for wirings. Circuit boards replace them - not only because of their reliability but also their efficiency and economical producing.