LCD240 Horizontal

LCD240 is a graphic LCD display for lifts with a resolution of 240 by 128 pixels. It can be assembled either to the car or to a level. It can present floor markings, direction arrows and the other graphical symbols needed for special indications. Also other information, such as time and date, a company logo or "floor info pictures", can be presented on specific versions. User editable floor info pictures enable presentation of any useful information associated with certain floor(s) in addition to regular car position indication. Depending on the device version, audible signaling can be done by a standard gong. Gong sounds differently according to direction that car moves. Optional feature is devices ability to take action in power failure situation automatically.

Functional specifications

  • Maximum number of floors is 32
  • Presents floor markings, direction arrows and graphical symbols needed for special indications
  • Floor mark consists of one or two letters or numbers (0...9, A...Z, minus sign)
  • (Optional) presentation of time and date
  • (Optional) presentation of floor associated bitmaps of size 160 x 32 pixels, capacity is 12 bitmaps
  • (Optional) audible signaling by a standard gong
  • (Optional) ability to take action in power failure situation automatically (requires external back-up power supply)
  • Adjustable loudspeaker volume (loudspeaker is an option)
  • Real time clock operates until year 2099 (daylight saving automatism)
  • (Optional) VEBUS version

Display module specifications

  • Display resolution: 240 x 128 pixels (H x V)
  • Backlight: long life white LED
  • Active area: 114 mm x 64 mm
  • Adjustable contrast (trimmer potentiometer)
  • Expected lifetime 100 000 h

Electrical connections

  • Operating voltage range 12…30 VDC
  • Current consumption under 120 mA @ 24 VDC (without gong)
  • Backup battery input
  • Parallel interface:
    • Internal pull-down or pull-up resistors (user configurable)
    • Binary or Gray coding (user configurable)
  • LCDtool cable interface
  • Adjustable volume (trimmer potentiometer)


  • LCDtool application (optional)
  • All graphics (bitmap) are editable with a PC
  • Device configuration menu with 3 push buttons

Size and environment

  • Physical dimensions: 144 mm x 135 mm x 24 mm (+ additional space for connectors), standard PCB