LIFT AUDIO 2 card is fully independent audio playback unit. It is capable of announcing floor markings and possible special indications. There is also a possibility to play background music. The unit can be connected either to a typical parallel control interface or to a VEBUS interface. Advanced digital technology ensures high quality and natural voice reproduction. On board potentiometer can be used for sound volume adjustment. Default set of voice sample files includes 59 samples spoken in English by female. Due to a standard memory type it is easy to change voice samples for example to a different language or add new background music.


Functional specifications

  • Primarily intended for lift applications
  • Maximum number of floors is 32
  • Enables high quality voice announcements of floor markings and special indications
  • Voice announcement is played when gong or symbol inputs are triggered (or through VEBUS control)
  • Standard flash memory type for voice sample files
    • Lots of space
    • Exchangeable
    • User can easily change or modify the voice sample files with PC computer (requires MMC memory card reader)
  • Includes sample files
  • Built in high performance audio power amplifier for driving external loudspeaker
  • Adjustable loudspeaker volume
  • Capable of playing background music
  • Includes MMC-card
  • Includes loudspeaker

Technical data

  • Operating voltage range, 20…30 VDC
  • Current under 100 mA @ 24 VDC (without loudspeaker)
  • Physical dimensions are 150 mm x 96 mm x 13 mm
  • (+ additional space for connectors)


  • Parallel interface
    • Internal pull-down or pull-up resistors (user configurable)
    • Binary or Gray Coding (user configurable)
  • VEBUS serial interface
    • Enhanced control possibilities
    • Advantage in cabling