LCD multisegment display


LCD2MS38 is a multisegment LCD display for lifts. It can be assembled either to the car or to a level. It can present floor markings, direction arrows and the other graphical symbols needed for special indications. Audible signaling can be done by a standard gong. Gong sounds differently according to direction that car moves.


Functional specifications

  • Maximum number of floors is 32
  • Presents floor markings, direction arrows and symbols needed for special indications
  • Floor mark consists of one or two letters or numbers (0...9, A...Z, minus sign)
  • (Optional) audible signaling by a standard gong
  • Adjustable loudspeaker volume (loudspeaker is an option)
  • (Optional) VEBUS version

Electrical connections

  • Operating voltage range 12…30 VDC
  • Current consumption under 50 mA @ 24 VDC (without gong)
  • Parallel interface:
    • Internal pull-down or pull-up resistors (user configurable)
    • Binary or Gray coding (user configurable)
  • Adjustable volume (trimmer potentiometer)


  • Device configuration menu with 3 push buttons
  • Device settings can be copied from device to device

Size and environment

  • Physical dimensions: 128 mm x 65 mm (+ additional space for connectors)