PLED horizontal series

PLED is a graphic OLED display with a resolution of 128 by 64 pixels and horizontal orientation. The display is optimized for lift applications. It can be assembled either to the car or to the level. It can present floor markings, direction arrows and the other graphical symbols needed for special indications. Audible signaling can be done by a standard gong. Gong sounds differently according to direction that car moves. Device is capable to take action in power failure situation automatically.



Functional specifications

  • Applicable for assembly either to the car or to a level
  • Maximum number of floors is 32
  • Presents floor markings, direction arrows and graphical 
    symbols needed for special indications
  • Floor mark consists of one or two letters or numbers (0...9, 
    A...Z, minus sign)
  • Scrolling of arrows can be made automatically. Scrolling 
    time is customer configurable. External activation of arrow 
    scrolling is also possible
  • Audible signaling by a standard gong (loudspeaker is an 
  • Ability to display emergency information in a power failure 
    situation automatically (requires external back-up power 
    supplied to corresponding connector). Polarity is software selectable
  • Adjustable loudspeaker volume (loudspeaker is an accessory)

Technical Data

  • Operating voltage range 12…30 VDC (max. 5% ripple)
  • Current consumption below 20 mA @ 24 VDC (without 
  • Backup battery input
  • RS-485 serial interface for control
  • RS-232 serial interface for LCDtool cable
  • Loudspeaker impedance: 8...32 ohm
  • Adjustable volume (trimmer potentiometer)